GR8toDON8 2018

Caseys's Connections

Please help me Pay it Forward.

I battled Kidney Disease for 3 years and i must say that it was the WORST 3 years of my life. I was given a second chance at life on 12/23/10 with the gift of a Kidney and Pancreas from Casey Paleveda (22 years old) who was kind enough to be an organ donor.

My life was changed on the day of transplant and I do as much as I can to pay it forward and give back. I volunteer with several organizations to spread the word on organ donation. I was awarded Volunteer of the Year with Translife last Year, I was included in the LifeLink 2013 Calendar, and I was nvited to Washington DC to speak with Congress about the cost of transplant medications.

If you would be so kind as to make a donation to this cause I would personally appreciate it. Even if it is only one dollar. Whatever you are comfortable with would greatly be appreciated. You can see my story at which is a not for profit film that I had produced to share my story.

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Proceeds from this race go directly back into the community to assist with donation education to the 3.8 million people in TransLife’s 10-county service area as well as support additional donation and transplantation initiatives.

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